Our seven values

  • We are SpectrumOne. A Trustworthy, Enthusiastic and Open company.
  • We are competent, committed and innovative in everything we do and have a strong understanding of the context our tools and services will be employed in by our clients and partners.
  • We are customer centric and deliver what we promise. We respect our customers, partners, colleagues and the end customers.
  • We use our own products whenever we can.
  • We believe in empowering our staff and partners and lead others by example. This means that we welcome and encourage curiosity from all levels of the organization and share our goals, strategies, standards and expectations.
  • We adhere to high ethical standards in all endeavours and ensure our tools and services are used in strict accordance with governing laws and GDPR/TCPI guidelines.
  • We are in business to make decent money. We deliver on shareholder and market expectations. We invoice our clients for all work we do as we are confident that the value we provide far surpasses the cost of utilizing our solutions.