The board

Fredric Forsman – Chairman of the Board

Fredric Forsman (1965) holds a Master of Law from the University of Lund. He has been chairman of the board since October 2016. Until December 2016 he was a member of the Swedish Bar Association and has been Managing Partner at Advokatfirman Glimstedt in the Baltics in 1997-2008. During the past five years, Fredric has been a member of the boards in Mavshack AB, SIA Catella Corporate Finance, Väddö Behandlingsgrupp AB, Behem Holding AB, Cardum AB and Wifog Holding AB.

Stocks: 1,415,218

Independent in relation to larger shareholders, but not independent in relation to SpectrumOne AB.



Anders Hugosson – Board member

Anders Hugosson (1963) holds a Master of Science in Technology from KTH in Stockholm and is currently working as consultant in his own company. Anders started his career in the IT-consulting industry with 16 years at Capgemini in Sweden (consulting, sales and management) and 3 years as CEO for Steria Sweden. Next step for Anders was the information and finance industry, where he served as CEO for UC AB for 13 years. Anders is currently a board member of MyNumbers AB. He has been a board member of Spectrumone AB since November 2020.

Stocks: 50.000

Independent in relation to larger shareholders and in relation to SpectrumOne AB.



Hosni Teque-Omeirat – Board member

Hosni Teque-Omeirat (1981) holds an MBA from the School of Business, Economics and Law in Örebro, and is the CEO of SpectrumOne. Hosni started his career at the accounting firm Ernst & Young and is currently working on business development to drive new businesses in the new worlds digitized and decentralized landscape. Over the past decade, Hosni has developed and implemented sales strategies in both the US and Europe with the employers he has been with. In his day to day work he has collaborations with the industries in Real Estate, Food and Bev, Energy and Manufacturing. It is within business development, concept development and sales that Hosni has his expert areas. Hosni is currently a board member of Gröna Städer. He has been a board member of SpectrumOne since May 2019.

Stocks: 1,435,000

Independent in relation to larger shareholders and in relation to SpectrumOne AB.


Erik Fagerlid – Board member

Erik Fagerlid (1961) was partner at PA Consulting Group from 1998 – 2016 and he has broad international change management experience, both from strategy- and organizational design assignments. Erik´s main industry focus has been FMCG and Retail, and his expert service areas are; strategy development, strategy implementation, organizational design and change management. Prior to PA, Erik has 12 years of line management marketing experience from international food & drink- and pharma companies. Currently he is board member in Skill AS and Jensen & Co AS. Erik holds a MBA from Stockholm School of Economics (Handelshögskolan i Stockholm). Erik has been a board member in SpectrumOne since November 2018.

Stocks: 0

Independent in relation to larger shareholders and in relation to SpectrumOne AB.




Henrik Boman

Henrik Boman, born in 1974, authorized public accountant at PwC.