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We offer shareholders, analysts and investors regular financial updates about SpectrumOne AB. We seek to maintain an open dialogue and a transparent relationship with shareholders, investors, analysts, customers and media. Our IR contact will provide you with answers relating to our financial matters or corporate governance.

IR contact: Fredric Forsman –

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CEO Update and summary of 2021

Before I recap SpectrumOne´s very eventful year, I must begin with a sincere thank you to all our committed and patient shareholders. Without you none of this would have been possible. And a special thank you to our staff, clients, and leaders for engaging in special ways throughout 2021. Managing the organizational growth, increased requirements…

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Styrelsen i SpectrumOne har ansökt om Bolagsverkets godkännande för att dela ut 374 220 904 aktier i Observit AB till befintliga aktieägare

Som tidigare kommunicerats förvärvade SpectrumOne AB samtliga aktier i Observit AB med intentionen att apportera in Trafikportalen och sedermera dela ut bolaget till befintliga aktieägare i SpectrumOne AB för att därefter lista detsamma på en av MTF-plattformarna i Stockholm. Förberedelserna för att lista Observit AB påbörjades omedelbart efter förvärvet genom beslut om att göra bolaget…

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Interim report Q3, 2021

Third quarter 2021 · Net sales amounted to MSEK 16.2 (4.3) · EBITDA* amounted to MSEK 1,7 (-1.6) · EBIT amounted to MSEK -17.3 (-10.1)  · EBT amounted to MSEK -18.7 (-10.1) · Earnings per share before dilutions amounted to -0.06 (-0.05) · SpectrumOne acquires the mobile surveillance company Observit to be merged with SpectrumOne’s…

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Preliminary figures show a positive EBITDA-result amounting to SEK 700,000 and a positive cash flow for the month of September

Preliminary figures show a positive EBITDA-result amounting to SEK 700,000 for the month of September. The continued good development of SpectrumOne together with rising revenues has led to the company generating a positive EBITDA result during September and a positive cash flow during the same month. The final figures will be reported in the upcoming…

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SpectrumOne has closed acquisition of Observit AB

SpectrumOne AB has today closed the acquisition of Observit AB as announced on September 6, 2021. The preliminary purchase price was settled by SEK 22 million in cash and SEK 39 million in shares by the Board of Directors resolving on a directed share issue setting off a sales credit of the same amount in SpectrumOne…

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